Cut your own flowers (Blumen selbst schneiden)

Engagement flowersI read somewhere that Germans spend more money on cut flowers than any other culture. The article said that Germans love having fresh flowers in their homes and giving flowers as gifts.  I can vouch for at least one set of friends who have consistently given us beautiful flower bouquets.

To further back up this claim, today’s blog is about one of the best phenomenons I’ve observed since arriving in Germany: Side of the road fields specifically for cut flowers. When I write this, I don’t mean that there is a person there selling flowers on the side of the road.  I mean there is a whole field of flowers. One only has to pull over, cut the flowers and leave the money. They even provide cutting knives! It’s based on the honor system and they are everywhere.  Finally last night we were able to visit one ourselves and create a beautiful arrangement of Gladiolas for the kitchen! Thanks to my sweet Thorsten for documenting the event.

Sign for Cutting your own

Sign for Cutting your own


Pricing and payment box


cutting knives

cutting knives



Finished product!

Finished product!



3 thoughts on “Cut your own flowers (Blumen selbst schneiden)

  1. I love fresh flowers in the house too – but mine come from the grocery store! What a wonderful custom you are seeing and enjoying. Today I’m going to the wholesale flower mart to get flowers to make the altar arrangement for our church (St. Peters where Jean and Josh were married 13 yrs ago – we celebrated on Monday and all still feel blessed by that event). I’m on the Altar Guild there and do it about once a month. Your gladiolas are lovely!

    Jim and I want to send you Congratulations on your marriage and wish you much joy and happiness and blessings now and in the years to come. And we thank you for writing this blog and sharing your new life in Germany – it’s all so special.
    Love, Kathe McClellan


    • Hello Mrs. McClellan! So good to hear from you and so happy you are following the blog. Fresh flowers are so nice. It was really fun stopping to cut them ourselves. Thanks for your sweet congratulations too. Lots of love, Laurie


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