Funny random sightings

Last night we went to Erlangen to visit some friends who have become very dear to me since moving here. Erlangen is a city about 2 exits away on the autobahn from us. It is the one the headquarters for the Siemens company. It is not a huge city by any means but does have a relatively large and lively downtown for shopping, farmers markets, bars and restaurants. It’s lovely to note that it also has a Schlossgarten ( former castle now a park) with a botanical garden attached. Last night was a lovely evening for sitting in the park to people watch. While exploring the town I saw this sign.


I was sure it was a clever sign for a chiropractor’s office until I saw the clientele sitting outside at tables enjoying themselves. Immediately it was obvious that it was a bakery. As I continued through the city center I saw a few Backwerks and realized its a bakery chain. Sometimes the simplest things are funny to a new person:

Bäckerei = Bakery, thus Back=bake

Here is a view from my spot at the Schlossgarten



3 thoughts on “Funny random sightings

  1. Hi Laurie, Kathe shares your emails with me, that is, I’m on the line too. It’ s fun to read about your German experiences and to see the beautiful pictures. We’ve been to Germany twice, in 1990 and 2000, seeing the Passion Play at Oberammergau each time. It is very picturesque and we hope to return someday. Thanks for your gift of sharing. Jim McClellan

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  2. Haha, I love it! That would be a great name for a chiropractor, now that you mention it. 🙂

    p.s.~ Thanks for the follow and welcome to Franken! Looks like you’re enjoying it so far… looking forward to reading more!

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