Weekend food

IMG_0465Recently our friends from Erlangen invited us to their house and surprised us with a Brotzeit. This literally translates to: bread time. Brotzeit is a version of a deli platter combined with what you might take on a very nice picnic. It’s cold food and it’s always served with beer. Some people bring it to the beer garden, others order it with their beer at the Bier Keller. It’s traditionally eaten outside in the in the summertime. The Brotzeit can be as simple as bread and butter with a little bit of wurst to the abundant spread like the one our friends prepared for us. We were celebrating what felt like the end of summer weather.IMG_0466-0

IMG_0598Another weekend staple in Bavaria is Weißwurst Frühstück. It’s served anytime before 11 traditionally, but it’s definitely more like a brunch than a breakfast. The Weißwurst is a white sausage with herbs. It’s served with a large pretzel, sweet Senf (Bavarian mustard) and a wheat beer. There are different ways to eat it. The Munich way is just to hold the sausage and eat it almost like a banana, but I turn into a 12 year old and crack-up whenever I see someone doing that. Another way is to elegantly peel the casing off with the knife and fork. This takes some practice but looks worlds better.

What Weißwurst Frühstück is to Munich, Drei im Weckla is to Nürnberg. Weckla is the Franconian word for roll.This is three (drei) small, grilled bratwursts in a roll (Weckla) with regular Senf (mustard). You can get it on any corner in the region. Whenever I fly into Nürnberg the first thing I want when I get off the plane is a Drei im Weckla. It’s probably my favorite bratwurst of all.IMG_0062.JPG

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