Two weeks in America Part 2

Things I missed about America that I’m sad to say goodbye to again:

1. All my friends and family, especially the ones I didn’t get to see

2. Bald Eagle spotting from the car

3. Dolphin spotting at the beach

4. Osprey

5. Great blue herons

6. The Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac and Susquehanna rivers

7. Speaking in English on the topic of tree management.

8. All the east coast horticulture peeps

9. Obvious job opportunities

10. Right turns on red

11. Cornerstone coffee house

12. Dairy Queen blizzard

13. Chipotle

Things I don’t miss when I’m in Germany:

1. Flavored coffee

The good news is that I now see how important it is to savor these things each time I’m back.

Auf Wiedersehen America! Ich vermisse dich schon. Viele Liebe und bis bald



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