Feels like summer

Earlier this spring I wrote about the cyclical things that regularly punctuate our lives. These things are subtle and it isn’t until they vary or disappear that we realize how attached we are to the rhythm they provide.

As I’ve also mentioned before, that on the east coast of the US the tell tale signs of summer are heat and humidity. Everyone complains about it every summer. Normally the German summers are temperate, warm in the sun but not hot and never really humid. But ironically this summer, Germany is hot! And I guess that’s lucky for me because for some dumb reason, I miss both the heat and the humidity of the summers in the US. I always say that as long as you’re near the ocean, it doesn’t matter if its hot or humid.


Lynnhaven River- Virginia photo: becomingafranconian

I realize that maybe I am a little bit addicted to my hot, humid summers and visits to the ocean. I have heard that when you are an addict, there is no way to get over something you are addicted to unless you replace it with something else.

So I’m happy to report that recently I discovered, near our house, a branch of the River Wiesent.  This river flows through Forchheim. There is a paved path right next to it. It works great for walkers and bikers alike.  It is not the ocean, but it is moving water, and on a hot, sunny day, just the look of the cool, blue-green water replaces a little of what I’ve been missing.


Wiesent-Forchheim photo: becomingafranconian

So in closing: it’s hot, it’s humid and I found my water source.  Finally, in a new land, it feels like a summer at home.


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