My computer is broken 

I’m sad to report that my MacBook Pro seems to have a terminal illness. It’s pretty disappointing because it’s only 3.5 years old. 

So far its disease is perplexing and annoying but not that exciting. Earlier this week the screen just turned black. It still sounded like it was running but no matter what I did I could not view anything.  It was connected to life support but it didn’t matter. When I tried rebooting it, a pixelized version of little apple appeared with tiny blue horizontal lines all over the screen. It started its boot up process with its little grey progress line and then went black again and to this moment as long as it is plugged into a power source  it will keep starting its boot up and stopping and starting itself over again never actually booting, until infinity. 

So like the Master of Science that I’m supposed to be after being equipped with this computer as a graduate student, I did some research about what might be wrong. I found some possible fixes and tried them. 

I did a safe boot which worked! Until I actually tried to run any programs or do anything and then it had another cardiac arrest. 

I got very tech savvy and was able to run a diagnostic test which came back saying the hardware had no problems. 

Then I did some other cool nerdy thing where I had to type things into the equivalent of DOS. Something called a fsck -fy. I ran this three times until it said everything was ok. Then it booted properly! …and immediately arrested again. 

I have not been able to visit a real i-nerd at the Apple Store yet because we don’t have one nearby. I’m holding out a little bit of hope but not much. 

In the meantime, I might get really good at writing blogs on this WordPress app but that’s not so likely. I’m going back to writing with a pen and paper I guess and it might take a little longer to share that with the world. I’ll keep you posted. 



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