Cooking with Ursula Episode 1: Kaiserschmarrn

I’m happy to introduce a new series: Cooking with Ursula. Ursula is a dear friend who has been like another mom to me since I arrived in Germany. 

She is a wonderful hostess and cook and recently offered to cook with me and teach me what she knows. She is from Saarland, a German state in the western part of Germany. Hopefully we will cook some specialties from that region.

Our first time cooking together was a few months ago. We were taking a short vacation together in the mountains of Austria for a few days and decided to make Kaiserschmarrn (kizer-shmarrrn) for lunch. 

Kaiserschmarrn is a special meal or dessert. I would describe it as a little bit pancakes, a little bit scrambled eggs, a little bit funnel cake. 

Before we started we visited Farmer Annie, just a little ways down the mountain, to get the eggs for our meal. In a variety of colors, the eggs were beautiful and we visited the happy chickens who laid them. The story with the chickens is kind of funny. They are surrounded by the loudest geese you can imagine. The geese are actually their body guards. They keep the Hawks from attacking the chickens. The hawks are startled by all the noise and they stay away. Of course everyone has to endure the irritating geese but I suppose they have some redeeming qualities too. IMG_7678

We used Ursulas recipe.  Originally intended for 2 people, we multiplied everything by three because we were making it for lunch and wanted to make sure there was enough. When you decide to make it just beware that it is not a light snack.


What is not stated in the recipe is the large amount of butter in the pan. This is of the utmost importance.  You use more butter than you can imagine and it’s very important. If you don’t use enough butter, it will have absolutely no taste. I would say over the course of all the batches you use a whole stick of butter. So be liberal. Other than that, the recipe is rather simple. Raisins are optional and if you are having it for dessert you can top it with whipped cream or ice cream.


1 cup of milk

150 grams or 2/3 cup flour

1 pinch of salt

4 egg yolks beaten

4 egg whites beaten to a foamy consistency

1 Tablespoon cream


Mix all the ingredients together except for the raisins. 

Melt the butter in the pan, add a few spoonfuls of batter, sprinkle the raisins on top if you are using them. Let it cook a little bit, and turn it around, kind of like scrambling eggs. Do this until it’s done.  After you remove it from the pan, sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar.





5 thoughts on “Cooking with Ursula Episode 1: Kaiserschmarrn

  1. Sounds really yummy! I imagine it was a lot of fun to cook with Ursula. I wonder what would happen if you used some coconut oil in place of some of the butter? I guess when something is this decedent, it doesn’t matter. HA


  2. Ah, Kaiserschmarrn! One of the few recipes I imported to the US because it is fairly uncomplicated. I thought my mom invented the beating of the egg whites before incorporating, but apparently she’s not the only one, lol. I soak the raisins before I drop them in so they are plump instead of dried up little lumps. My daughter loves Apfelmus with her Kaiserschmarrn.


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