Adidas or Puma?

You may not have been aware but Franconia is home to two well-known sports brands: adidas and Puma. Recently I saw a movie about the two brothers that started these well-known companies. What a story: heartbreaking, and intriguing. One brother was the artist–passionate about creating the world’s most perfect shoe. (It was he who designed the shoe for Jessie Owens in the 1936 Olympics.) The other brother was the sales and business man. They started a sports shoe company together in the 1920’s. Through war and possible infidelity their company thrived but eventually broke apart creating two separate companies. In the process the entire town of Herzogenaurach was divided. To this day there are  loyalists to each company.

The name adidas comes from the name of the artist brother, Adolf. His nick name was “Adi.” His last name was Dassler. So there you have it Adi-das. The Puma company was founded by Rudolf Dassler, the other brother. He started with the name Ru-da, taking the first two letters from his first and last name, but it seems that wasn’t very interesting and somewhere along the line they came up with Puma.


I have never considered myself particularly sporty. I have lots of muscles from ballet, yes, but I have never been one of those girls who looks cute in sporty clothes or shoes. No, I just look like I’m going to the gym. Anyway lately I’m giving “the sporty mom” look a shot. Right now life includes so much strolling and walking and chasing around on cobblestone that heels just don’t seem feasible. Ballerina flats work well for lots of situations but sometimes you just need a cute sneaker.

So a few weeks ago we explored Herzogenaurach and I purchased my very first pair(s) of adidas- the shoes with the three stripes.


We were too late to go to the Puma store that day, so I can’t yet enter the debate about which shoes are better. But we did make it to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner-the first one I’ve been to in Germany that actually tasted kind of Mexican (but if I’m being honest, the two Margharita’s probably gave the food a wonderfully refreshing boost!) Ole!




5 thoughts on “Adidas or Puma?

  1. I never knew the history of those shoes. Nice little story. But but then, you had second rate Mexican food and margharitas in Franconia? You can take the girl out of America but you can’t………..oh well. Now you’ve made me thirsty.


  2. Most of the (older) Franconians prefer Puma; because Rudi Dassler was more friendly and the better “human” employer. Adi Dassler was more (and Adidas still is) “American- style”. Over here this is not a compliment. 🙄


    • Hi Josch, yeah I took a poll on Facebook and lots of franconians said, “adidas for sports and Pumas for fashion” but none of them were (older) so maybe that’s why.


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