The Garden Episode 2: Getting started

The garden at our new home is about 20 years old give or take. I think a lot of what is here was here from the start. So we are talking (in some cases) about some plants that have gotten very big. I mean like a sage plant with stems an inch thick. I mean thyme and rosemary plants that look like a very old bonsais.


It seemed crazy to me at the beginning. They are the largest “shrubs” of these types of plants I’ve seen. I imagined I would cut everything back as soon as I got the chance. But then I saw a sand lizard sunning himself around the “branches” of the Thyme “tree.” And once the lavender bloomed it was heavenly for me and the bees.


My first inclination was to focus on the inside of the house and just let the garden do its thing. But what I didn’t consider is that the benefit of a house with a garden is that we can spend a ton of time outside.

Then my parents came to visit–my dad took one look at the vegetable plot, raked it out, turned the soil over and planted it. Now we’ve got tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, arugula, green beans and kale.


“But that’s it.” I thought. “I’m leaving the rest of it alone.” And I really meant to do that, but…

As I unpacked boxes, I kept seeing the over grown plants and weeds through the windows. As much as I wanted to just let the garden alone I couldn’t help myself. One evening I headed out–just to clean up a few things– and was out there for two hours. Tearing down vines, pulling up weeds, cutting things back –The aftermath of which made me wish I had an intern. The pile from that first night is still sitting there because it’s so big. I need a wheelbarrow. 

That night was the start of what has become my absolute nirvana–I call it “night gardening.” After the kids go to bed it’s still light outside and it’s totally silent except for the birds. Sometimes I even make it a cocktail hour. Either way it’s heavenly. 


It’s become a bit of an obsession I think. When I take out the trash or run out to get herbs or veggies for a meal Thorsten always shouts, “And no secret gardening on the way!”

And he’s not wrong. I go out to water on Saturday mornings and more than an hour goes by before he comes looking for me with the little ladies. The thing is, I have literally found my flow and my bliss. People have their addictions and I think it could be a lot worse. So stay tuned for the most recent projects and experiments.





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