The First Post

Today is actually the 6th day of our semi-quarantine (read about the quarantine rules in Bavaria under What is this Blog About?) but it’s the 1st day that feels real enough to start writing about it. We sat down yesterday and together we counted the days on the calendar until pre-school should re-open– 30 days.

Under normal circumstances I work as a free-lance writer and full-time mom. I bear all the home making responsibilities and my husband does the heavy lifting financially. We both have offices in our home and our children are in pre-school 5 mornings a week. They eat lunch at school and then I pick them up. I am able to work, prep meals, clean (my least favorite part), do laundry and grocery shop while they are at school.

For the next four weeks I have to figure out how to get all this stuff done while we are all at home together. Yikes!!

In addition to the seemingly simple challenge of trying to keep the house clean and the maniacs fed, the 35 day challenge of interest here is to document the experience–to write every day. Funny stories, anecdotes, lessons, challenges– Hopefully this blog will provide some levity in these serious days. I want to cherish the moments when my head is not spinning around in circles.

Tonight Little Sister sifted through these paintings. As she pushed one after another out of her way I heard her saying, “don’t need this one, don’t need this one.” Is she an art critic? An art collector? Well, she certainly seemed to know her mind, whatever she was doing.

The blogs will be coordinated with my Instagram stories. Take a minute to comment or share some Covid-19 anecdotes of your own. And please spread the word of our 35 days of stories, adventures and misadventures on to whomever you think might like it.

Stay home, stay healthy


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