Day 8 Abundant Sunshine

Today was busy somehow.

The girls started with coloring.

Moved onto reading.

This girl was convinced that her sunglasses help her to see better. I mentioned that she might be better off wearing her real glasses. She started walking around the house with the sunglasses on looking for things to see. She kept saying, See Mama, I can see that.

We usually eat an afternoon snack and today we had agreed together (Big Sister and I) that we would bake something for the occasion. I feel like in the spirit of transparency I should level with you here–I don’t bake with my girls because I want them to learn to bake. I don’t do it because it’s a special time for us or because I want them to see that making things from scratch is better. I don’t do it because I’m very patient and think that baking with toddlers is fun. No, I do it because I want to eat whatever we are baking. I just make it look like I’m doing it for them. #truth #sorrynotsorry.

Finished product! Super rich albeit super messy. Big hit with the chocolate lovers.

Today I put together a craft because they always want to cut and glue. I have this idea that they will be more excited if they have some structure and instructions. Most of the time this isn’t true. They spend the first 5 minutes fighting over who is going to get which color of whatever we are doing or they ask for a color we don’t have. Then they decide that they don’t want to make the craft the way they are supposed to. The small one almost always just destroys it. (For example she likes to glue things on and then tear them off after the glue is dry…) The big one just has her own vision and doesn’t want to follow the pattern. Maybe I should be applauding this behavior. Please see the butterflies below for examples …

For the first time today I sent them out in the backyard alone together to play. The door was open so that I could hear them but I was in the kitchen finishing up the chocolate caramel tart (recipe from Smitten Kitchen) that we had started together. I was pretty proud and impressed about how long and how nicely they were playing outside together. Until I heard what sounded like someone falling down hard on the deck. I went out to see what had happened. In her typical wild style, Little Bean had leaned too far over the back of the outdoor lounge and done just that, fallen on the deck. She seemed relatively unscathed. What was more alarming was that they had removed their hats, scarves, coats and shoes. It was super sunny but it was only 45 degrees (7 Celcius). When I commented about the shoes, Big Sister said, Well mom, we’re not supposed to wear out shoes on the lounge. Oh right, obviously.

The last remarkable thing is this: A few weeks ago the girls became transfixed with a kids show we found on Youtube. The crux of the show is this: A lady sits there and plays with kids toys. Yes, that’s it. She makes a beach for a barbie doll, she plays with cars or she makes stuff with play-doh. She uses voices and makes up stories of what’s happening. It’s totally simple and they love it. I’ve actually never seen them sit so quietly and just watch a show. They always ask for “the lady.” Anyway, today while I was getting dinner on the table they were playing with play-doh and I heard them pretending to be the lady. They were making the play doh things she makes and talking in her voice, using her phrases and everything. I have stopped asking questions and now just allow myself to marvel at the fact that the simplest things are the most entertaining.

See you tomorrow


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