Day 12 Mom Fail

Today I decided that it was important to take a shower. (I don’t want to admit how many days I had waited to do so…strange set of priorities we have during a quarantine.) I set the girls in front of Peppa Pig and got to it. Checking on them before I started to blow dry my hair, they wanted to watch something else. I chose Babar, the King of the Elephants, thinking it would be a sweet, benign, French cartoon.

Mind you, this was after I instructed my husband to be careful what he let them watch. They are super sensitive, I said.

So let’s get back to Babar. They were watching it for maybe five minutes before I heard crying and attempts at comforting each other. But the crying didn’t stop so I went to see. Oh. My. Gosh. Guess what happens? Babar’s mommy get’s SHOT in the first five minutes of the show and she lays down and doesn’t get up. And the little elephant keeps saying, Mommy, wake up.

This much, my two year old recounted to me through her tears. Then Big Sister looked at me, tears welling up and said, But Mommy, she wasn’t sleeping. And then she started crying. What a mess.

Moral of the story: Do not bother with showering during the quarantine. Just kidding, but seriously think twice before you let your kids watch Babar. I’m sure I don’t have to mention that they were still talking about the little elephant baby with no mommy at bedtime. Big Mommy fail.

One thing I did not fail at today was not planning a craft or anything else for that matter. They mostly directed their own play all day. It was impressive. Late this afternoon, though, they turned crazy. The small one (who we often call Destructo Baby) knocked over a planter and broke it, gave her self a bloody lip, lost her socks, smashed her sister’s sand castle, and nearly broke a piece of furniture–most of which she thought was funny–all in the period of an hour.

Do you think it because I didn’t plan a craft? Or were they traumatized by Babar? Are they are just overwhelmed in general? I’m pretty sure it’s just because one is four and the other is two and they are human beings. But I also think it’s about the strange predicament we are in at the moment.

Focusing on them and my goals for this 35 days has allowed me to filter out a lot of the fear and the anxiety creeping in as this pandemic drags on, expanding exponentially into every corner of the globe.

And watching the way they just march into the next day, on to the next development, and to the next milestone gives me hope. It’s the same hope I feel when I see the buds swelling on the trees and the bulbs pushing themselves up through the earth. Tirelessly they continue. Children are not deterred easily and in this way they remind me of Spring.

Spring will come. The season will change. Like children, it cannot be stopped. We see it happening before our eyes. It’s thrilling really and comforting too. I’m exhausted some days by the sheer force of my children but in a million different ways it is the force of their marching forward that will bring this to an end.

Until tomorrow,


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