Day 13-Extremes

Today had some really peaceful moments. Peaceful? you say, unconvinced. I know, it sounds like wishful thinking, but there was this one minute when Little Bean was napping and Big Sis and I were just lounging on the deck together in the sunshine. Then there was this other time…oh wait, I can’t actually think of any other peaceful moments. So you were right–scratch that.

It was though, the first really warm, sunny day and we took full advantage. For a few hours, it was even warm enough for bare feet. We spent the morning outside and aside from being very sandy and very wet by the time they came in for lunch, nothing got destroyed. (Small victories)

The afternoon started off deceivingly calm. Big Sister and Daddy went on a field trip to drop little gifts on the doorsteps of three pre-school friend’s homes with the hopes that the kids could at least wave to each other from a 6 foot distance. During this time Little Bean colored quietly with chalk. But then she got to running in circles and bouncing on the round, outdoor lounge on the deck. I usually sit there while she does this so that she doesn’t accidentally just bounce off (which would not be difficult.) She typically gets mad, wanting me to move out of the way so that she’ll be free to use the lounge like the gymnastics apparatus she believes it is.

This lounge is something Thorsten purchased when he was single. Back then it made his balcony seem like a boutique hotel in Ibiza. But in the last six years it has weathered one too many winters and two too many kids. The once sexy, white canvas sun hood is particularly threadbare and not so white anymore.

There has been a small tear in the fabric for some time. Knowing that it would be irresistible to Little Bean if she got a hold of it, I have long tried to hide it. Today just as we were about to go inside, for no reason at all she ran back to the lounge, put her two little pointer fingers inside the tear and ripped it wide open. Then she stuck her head through the hole and said, “Hello!” It was certainly her “Here’s Johnny” moment and that combined with yesterday’s antics have taken her from maniac to lunatic status in my book.

Knowing that this destructive energy is really coming from not doing enough running around, we decided to go bike riding. The girls did great and I felt relieved. They did just need to get some energy out. Eventually though Little Bean put her bike down and threw herself down next to it. She cried big tears over the fact that her bike doesn’t have pedals and was clearly too distraught to ride home. Until a couple walked by with a dog and suddenly all was well with the world. She hopped back on her bike and tried to catch up with the dog. Luckily, she’s not very fast yet. We are social distancing after all.

The beautiful weather meant that there were lots of people out to witness her performance. She provided some much needed entertainment for many of them or maybe a clear encouragement to use birth control during this quarantine.

I think children are a bit of a thermometer for what’s going on around them. These extreme shifts are not so different from what many adults are experiencing at this point. Everything seems fine one minute and then you get just enough distressing news to throw you right over the edge.

Until tommorow,


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