Day 14 Spring Forward

In what I’m calling a spring miracle, the kids slept until 8am this morning! It’s probably not a real miracle since last night marked the beginning of daylight savings time in Germany, but just seeing the number 8 on the clock today instead of a 6 or a 7 made me feel more rested.

Thank goodness for that fleeting moment because once they got started today they did not stop. Breakfast, Playdoh, Scratch off drawing books (cool but kind of a mess), 2nd Breakfast, dance party –for this occasion one was dressed in a bathing suit and the other in her onesie with underwear on top. (Can’t speak for their fashion choices, they are independent women.) Lunch time, nap time, dress up like princesses, “help” with the cleaning, more play doh, more scratch off drawing books, pause for coloring on the furniture (oops,) then running away with the colored pencils. Clean up time, snack time, Simon Says, skype, skype, skype, dinner time, story time and FINALLY bedtime.

Bedtime dragged on a little longer than usual. I’m blaming the time change but whatever it was- Little Bean did not want to sleep. Just when I thought she was finally done I heard her start a conversation with herself.

When I call you and say come here, it means come here. It means come here —right now. Do you understand me? She seemed to be lecturing herself. Then, in what I can only imagine was a practice session, she kind of hollered as if talking to someone in another room. Throwing her voice with a little rising and falling sing-song rhythm she said, Alright, come here. And then she answered herself saying, Ok. Next came, I said come here right now! I wondered for a second if she was demanding that I come here right now, until I heard her answer herself again with a hurried, I’m coming. I’m coming!

After that she started singing the tune to the chicken dance and clapping at the appropriate times. I can only assume that she sang (danced?) herself to sleep because it was finally silent.

Good night sweet quarantined friends. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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