Day 18 Calm in the face of Change

In a shocking turn of events, after her nap today, Little Bean emerged from her room without saying a word. Stealthy, like a ninja, she headed to my room where she came upon the basket of folded laundry. When I discovered her she was silently re-folding the towels from the basket. As this does not sound like the behavior we have come to know and love from Our Little Lady of the Destruction, I was caught off guard and totally delighted by her calm focus. After a few seconds she looked up at me. Smiling proudly she said, Look! I’m folding.

Later when I mentioned that the flower in Big Sister’s room needed water, she responded with, Well, I just gave it a kiss but ok. Puzzling but cute, I wondered if she noticed that it was wilted and thought it needed a kiss or did she just kiss it because it is such a charming, cheery little flower? I do not know go ask your mother. Oh sorry, too much Dr. Suess.

Outside of these two events the only word I can come up with for today is anstrengend. It’s a German word loosely translated to exhausting or strenuous. I don’t want to say that they were annoying, that is why anstrengend is such a nice, descriptive word to describe their behavior.

There was one episode this afternoon when Little Bean nearly jumped off the deck. I tried to explain the concept of death to her and the only thing I could come up with was to remind her about how Babar, the elephant’s mommy didn’t wake up. (See Day 12.)

Next, Big Sister decided that she wanted to clean all the chalk off the deck with a bucket of water and a kid-sized mop. It’s no surprise that sooner or later the water became more interesting than the cleaning. Big Sis decided to put her foot in the bucket of water and then cried when her foot got wet. After that she put her rain boots on but then slipped not once but twice running around in the puddles. This all happened before my eyes and under the threat of going inside if anything else ridiculous happened.

Tonight at dinner they both decided that they wanted to pack the dinner into their lunch boxes and put it into their backpacks so that they could pretend they were going to school. I have never wished so badly that I could actually send them to school.

After a day like today, the maniac behavior non withstanding, I think we could all afford to be like Little Bean with her laundry– focus on accomplishing something specific and then pat ourselves on the back. I think we need to kiss the things or people who seem needy (or charming) like Big Sister did with her plant (minding your social distancing of course.)

My plan is to climb into bed tonight and think of three things, no matter how small, that made the day great.

The idea is to focus on the small wins in order to make the change and uncertainty we are all experiencing feel less overwhelming. (I can’t take credit for this idea. It’s something I read from Turia Pitt.)

Although it feels like we are in a holding pattern with this quarantine, we are actually neck deep in big, sweeping change. Today it is all a little much for me. I’m probably going to have a drink before I’m able to think of the three great things…

I hope you’re able to focus on something other than the Coronavirus, give yourself a pat on the back for something else, then hunker down, enjoy your quarantine and get some peaceful sleep.

Until tomorrow,

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