Day 19 Motives

There comes a moment in everyday when it becomes crystal clear that the whole production will go up in flames if everyone doesn’t get outside in the fresh air immediately. I am so so thankful that we have a yard for moments like these. The weather was questionable but we headed out anyway. The girls fought it but once we got out there everything was so much better.

Still, on this particular day Big Sis was really showing her obnoxious side. Throwing things around, yelling and hollering. From the outside looking in she seemed kind of destructive and was just generally acting like a hooligan. This is kind of out of character for her as she is typically the more peaceful one of the two. Nonetheless I yelled at her but without much effect. Then I knelt down next to her. Taking her hand I said, What are you doing? Why are you trying to destroy everything?

Without a moment’s hesitation she replied, I’m not trying to destroy everything. I’m just trying to make Little Bean laugh.

Wow, what an unexpected gift. It all made sense–She gets so much satisfaction out of making her sister disintegrate into laughter that she’ll go to any end to achieve it.

I just love when someone’s motives surprise me. Especially this little someone.

Today’s afternoon project was making homemade pasta. We did a very simple version that you can do by hand. I saw a fun and informative video on Food52 by Chef Josh Cohen. The pasta is called malloreddus. We served it with a bolognese and it was a big hit. Big Sister helped and Little Bean ate some raw pasta before it was done. We were all so proud of our accomplishment when dinner was ready.

The best part was that we didn’t have one of the required tools–a gnocchi board. So we improvised and used a tool from the kid’s play doh stuff. What ingenuity the quarantine requires of us!! (Let’s be serious I never plan ahead with these types of projects so we would’ve been using a play doh tool– quarantine or not.) While I hope to acquire a gnocchi board soon, this totally worked and we were so impressed with ourselves.

Yesterday before bed, I totally forgot to think of three wins. I think today it will be easy.

Until tomorrow


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