Day 23 Typical

In the realm of this new normal, today was totally typical.

Yesterday the girls were relatively easy to manage, so naturally today they were wild and unruly from the very start.

They spent a good deal of the day talking to our neighbor over the fence while she worked in her garden or mowed her lawn. That they are interested in her is super cute. They call her Our Garden Friend and always want to go outside to see if she’s there. For this visit they were standing on this retaining wall made of concrete planters leading up to the deck and fighting over who could stand where. This resulted in lots of tears and threats from Big Sister. Finally they agreed to sit together on the top step and then in a very non-shocking turn of events, crazy Little Bean took a spill down the retaining wall and scraped up her elbow and her hand and her leg. Nothing serious for her just heart failure for me.

Bike riding, people falling down, scraped knees, other people who don’t want to ride or are mad that they don’t have pedals–again typical and not serious but just kind of a big eye rolling adventure.

Right before bedtime, Little Bean ran into our bedroom and started jumping on the bed before throwing herself into a pillow but missing and hitting her head on the headboard. She’s been warned, she’s not allowed to jump on the bed, but I guess she is a kid who just has to learn the hard way?…

What a challenge it is to try to protect people and let them grow at the same time. If we do this job well enough, they should grow out of this right?!

I hope so, my nerves are shot.

Until tomorrow


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