Day 26 Good Friday

Although we are able to do some festive activities, the holiday weekend feels strange without visitors or events to mark the time. There are plenty of reasons to feel melancholy, uncertain and anxious so let’s mark the small victories instead.

Today we dyed Easter eggs with surprisingly little drama. Big Sister read books aloud to Little Bean in a make-shift bed they constructed on the living room floor. My heart leapt as I watched and listened. Then from one extreme to the other they nearly killed each other over who was allowed to sit in the fort they had erected near the couch.

We ate a new home-made ice cream flavor (Vanilla Fudge Swirl). Well three of us at it. Little Bean said she didn’t want any and then ate some sand instead…

Our bike ride this afternoon was one for the books. Big Sister proudly pedaled fast and far, the wind blowing in her hair, free as a little bird. Little Bean raced to keep up, happily riding her balance bike much longer than usual. When they weren’t riding the girls made dandelion wishes and collected flowers, racing and running back and forth. Their effervescence made me forget all about how gross I said kids can be.

I don’t know how long we were out but I think this is what people mean by flow. For the duration of the walk today sunshine felt like it was pouring into us and shining right back out.

Both girls were thrilled that avocados were a part of dinner and then went to bed without a fuss.

The origin for the name for this day has always escaped me, but here in Franconia it really was a good Friday.

Until tomorrow,


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