A press conference was held this evening to communicate the next steps for Germany in combatting the Corona Virus.

Because it’s always interesting to compare the way things are handled country to country I’ll explain how it went.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, spoke along with the President of Bavaria, the Mayor of Hamburg and the German Minister of Finance. They each offered thanks to the citizens for complying with the lock-down thus far, spoke well of each other and then detailed various aspects of the plan for re-opening the country.

While it was positive news –exciting even–to hear confirmation that the quarantine thus far is working, it also confirmed that much of the quarantine will go on indefinitely or at least until there is a vaccine.

It was an interesting press conference because after each person finished speaking, they didn’t say thank you or introduce the next person they just stopped talking. When the last person had spoken the members of the press asked questions but they were relatively soft spoken and there weren’t people talking over one another trying to ask questions. There was no wasted political energy. No one was trying to prove a point or make anyone else look bad (or good for that matter.) They just explained the information clearly and genuinely and then it was over. (For more details in English check this link. )

For our family the update means that playgrounds and preschool will stay closed for the foreseeable future. It means we still cannot meet with friends. The restaurants will stay closed. We are encouraged to wear masks in public. We are crossing our fingers that beer kellers and beer gardens will open in May, but they announced today that all festivals have been cancelled for the entire summer. This is especially sad for Forchheim as The Annafest is the darling summer festival of our region.

Stores will reopen this week with some new measures in place, so that is something! But for some reason it all feels a bit sad and dark.

The Coronavirus is starting to feel like it’s looming ever nearer, beginning to bleed into each of our lives like watercolor–a lost job here, the death of someone you loved there.

Nonetheless, earlier today I was doing some thinking about dealing with change and confronting fear.

It seems to me that when we are able to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity in ourselves, we are better able to confront change without being afraid of it.

That has been my experience so far with this quarantine. It’s been fun because the whole thing has felt like a great experiment–a chance to find out what we can do with what we have, inside the confines of our current situation.

In the face of this uncertainty, I will continue to share our stories. It could be that the stories of our daily quarantine become too mundane, but I’m pretty confident that the antics of my girls and their natural flair for drama and comedy tied up in the bizarre bow of quarantine in the year 2020 will provide plenty of fodder for us in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned. Stay hopeful. Stay healthy.

Until tomorrow,


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