Day 32 Questions

Day 32 started off with a heavenly calm. Everyone slept til 7am. In their own beds. Then they woke up and there was snuggle time. This delayed my morning routine some, but it was totally worth it.

At the bakery this morning, the set up was the same. Only five people are allowed in the shop at a time and you have stand very far away from one another. You can’t get close to the the glass cases and there is plastic dividing the customers from the workers, but still things seemed a bit more relaxed today. I wondered if it was because of last night’s announcement of the tiny bit of loosening of the quarantine rules.

Back at home we ate second breakfast (oatmeal) and then played outside. It’s 75 and sunny this week, a far cry from the snow my parents are getting. #crazyaprilweather.

Thursdays are exciting because Thorsten comes down from his office at lunchtime and I get to go grocery shopping.

It is recommended that we wear masks in closed public spaces but I have to guiltily admit that we haven’t sewed or purchased ours as of yet.

Grocery shopping is never that friendly or social in Franconia but it’s weirder now. Quiet yet kind of frantic. No one talks. I always want to get in and out as fast as possible, yet I end up standing there for a long time looking for an item or trying to decide about something. Is it because we haven’t been to any public places in five weeks so we don’t know what we’re doing? Possibly.

We spent the afternoon in the back yard, successfully avoiding the need to do a craft and distracting them from playing Play-doh so that I don’t have to vacuum up the Play-doh bits for the 6 millionth time. I shouldn’t complain, I’m actually considering buying stock in the Play-doh company after this. They literally play with it every day.

I’m always amazed at the sense of calm that comes over them when they get very involved with whatever they are creating in the sand box or with the Play-doh, but I’m equally amazed at how fast they come out of it and disintegrate into smacking each other.

Later they fought over things like who should get to ride whose bike and who can sit on this one spot on the blanket and also you are not allowed to play unless you play my way. But in between they hugged each other and giggled with delight. They played independently long enough that I could read a few chapters of a book. And then in the best turn of events, Little Bean sat down next to me and read her own book.

Last night when the new quarantine restrictions were announced, it was made clear that we are going to have to change our way of life until a vaccine is available. Ok– masks in public, social distance in public… But I have started thinking further…

How will this develop? Will we perhaps start inviting friends only to our yards, gardens and balconies? Will the inside of people’s homes become very private places? Will restaurants also do this so that the warmer months become the only times we meet others at all? Will we talk about a time when every home used to be open, when people ate at restaurants in the same way we talk about how airports looked before 9/11?

For the most part I am happy to bend, to observe the changes and to let things evolve the way they will as a result of this virus. But this is unchartered territory and for some reason today I have a lot of questions…What about public transportation? What will happen with international travel? Will concerts, sporting events or festivals ever be safe for humans again?

I know that these questions are on everyone’s mind. And I think the best thing to do is just ask them. Out loud. Or on a piece of paper. Ask yourself what you think. Ask your spouse, your partner, cat, children. Name your concerns. Don’t fear the questions themselves and don’t worry about knowing the answers– just ask them.

So often just calling something out to the universe, just giving voice to a yet unformed idea is the path to the answer and to our peace of mind.

Even the brave were once afraid. -Hazel Gaynor-The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

Until tomorrow,


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