Day 33: My howling little wolves

The number 33 has always been an auspicious one for me. On my 33rd birthday I was in Austria on vacation. I headed back home to the USA in the middle of a snow storm, made friends with a girl on the plane and then got stranded for two days at Heathrow airport. We looked out for each other as the airport disintegrated into little more than a refugee camp and are still friends today. Waiting around at Heathrow I bought myself a Tiffany’s bracelet, had a 33 engraved on it and decided right then that 33 was going to be the year when it was all going to come together.

Low and behold, many things did change that year. I took some chances. Doors started opening and opportunities began to appear.

Fast forward to now. Out of the blue, the girls asked me if wolves say anything. I can’t imagine where this question came from but as an answer I did an impression of a wolf howling at the moon. Since then they have been doing a lot of howling.

Today while they were outside howling around the yard, they stopped suddenly and asked if other wolves were going to appear in our garden on account of their howling. They were convinced that real wolves might respond to their call. What if they come? they said, flustered. This resulted in a discussion about where wolves live and how they socialize, what they eat and how they look and then an attempt at explaining how an animal can look like a dog but not act like a pet. Nonetheless, I love the power that they believe their voices hold– So sure are they of this power that they are actually a little afraid.

I stop to think about my howling, little wolves. When I listen to them it’s clear that recognizing the power of your own voice is totally natural. And I see that as we grow up (sadly) it is fear that teaches us to stop believing in the power of that voice.

10 years have passed since the auspicious day at Heathrow. You can be sure: the intentions I voiced at 33 fueled my career change, taught me a second language, moved me across the ocean and gave me a family.

Do not underestimate the power of setting your mind to something and making your intentions known to the universe and anyone else who happens to be listening. (You probably shouldn’t underestimate the power of buying yourself a present from Tiffany’s either.)

Until tomorrow,


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