Day 34 Answers

A few days ago I was full of questions. Don’t get excited, I don’t have the answers. But conveniently I did remember one of my core beliefs. And that is– Knowing all the answers is not that important.

I was trained to believe one should always be sure. I was told that people who weren’t sure were wishy washy and that you needed to know the truth and cling to it and in doing so you had your security.

I’ve come to realize that there is nothing wrong or scary about saying, I don’t know for sure. It’s humble, it’s not offensive and it’s not afraid.

So, I don’t know how it’s going to look when we come out of this. I don’t know how things will re-develop. But I do know that lots of creative, caring people are getting an opportunity to dream and design and challenge themselves during this time. I know that we are getting a chance to rest and recharge and restructure in a way that is unprecedented. To observe the world and make connections and see what we are capable of. Those of us who come out of this will have a lot to share. The time apart will make us ripe for collaboration. This is not the last chapter in our story. Keep reading it. Keep writing it.

I also know for sure that two young ladies in my house (and likely in houses all over the world) are using this time to push all kinds of boundaries. They are learning to be extremely dramatic, to see what they are capable of and test their voices (loudly most of the time.) They are amateur architects and engineers, artists, bakers, doctors, food testers, playwrights, teachers and opinion givers. They are a microcosm of the world right here in my lap and though it exhausts me it gives me hope.

Still, if you need some practical tools for surviving. Here are some of mine:

  • Get some kind of morning routine even if it’s only drinking coffee and don’t check your social media until after you do whatever your morning thing is.
  • Everyday take a walk and take a deep breath. Write down your thoughts, questions, fears and ideas. Get them out of your system once a day.
  • Try to always have something interesting to read in reach. I literally put different books in each room. That way if I get 10 surprise minutes I can get my mind stimulated thinking about something new. This is surprisingly empowering– You got the reading material ready and you actually read some of it. Do not underestimate the importance of counting small victories right now.
  • Most importantly–do not compare your quarantine to anyone else’s. It’s ok to be inspired by others but keep your eyes on the road.

With love until tomorrow,


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