Day 38 The Dentist

Without a doubt the most entertaining part of today was the hike we took this afternoon.

After secretly agreeing to meet some friends on top of a nearby hill, we got ready to go. The plan was to accidentally run into each other and walk six feet apart while talking.

This quarantine has provided ample opportunity for playing Easter bunny to friends and family, for secretly dropping things on people’s porches, etc. But to actually converse in person was a rare luxury.

A luxury that was paid for with the time it took for my littles to get their shoes and jackets on, get out the door and hike (I’m using the term very loosely) to the accidental meeting spot.

In an attempt to properly describe what hiking looks like for people who are 2 years old, I’ll let Little Bean narrate the experience herself:

We had already walked forever when we hit a gravel path. Jackpot! I can sit here and choose the best looking rocks. I need a lot of rocks. Big Sister and my Mommy are far ahead of me now. They keep stopping and looking back at me and saying something but I can’t hear them and more importantly I don’t care. They get even further away before I hear them promise that there will be better rocks up ahead. Wait for me! I say in a panic as they disappear around a bend.

It’s really sunny. I guess that’s why Mommy smeared this stinky goop on my nose and cheeks. I don’t want to walk anymore. Come on, they say, Don’t you want to see your God mommy? No, I’m done with walking. I want to go home, I say and turn around. (They think I don’t have a sense of direction, but I know where I ‘m going.)

Now we are at the bottom of a mountain and they say we have to go to the top. They keep saying I should try to race them or catch them. Why do they think I like running? Oh a flower!

They call this a hill? Whatever it is, I think it’s more fun to run back down than to go up. I want to take my shoes off and see if I have any boo-boos. OOh! I see my God-mommy at the top. Now that’s a good reason to run! Oh a bench! It must be snack time.

No. No? We are going to pass by this perfectly wonderful bench because there is a better one coming up soon? Why can’t grown-ups just be satisfied with what they have? I’m thirsty.

Big Sister gives me my water and offers me a cookie out of her backpack. Then mommy says No (again) Doesn’t she know any other words? This is only a water break and snack time is later? What? I thought it was Earth Day but clearly it’s torture your children day. They always try to distract me but that’s imp– Oh some ants!!

Just when we started having fun they are say we have to go home. More walking? Oh actually walking is fun when we get to hold hands! Not with you Mommy, I only want to hold hands with Big Sister.

I’m singing in the sunshine, really soaking it up now. I have a poopy diaper and no on even knows about it. This is great! Still they continue to say hurry up, time to go eat dinner. Blah Blah blah. I thought we were supposed to be appreciating the small things during this time.

Down the hill again? Make up your mind people. Why do they insist that I stay on the path? I want to walk in the wild grass up to my arm pits. Wait, now I see something interesting…

We came upon a tree stump next to the path and Little Bean seemed immediately drawn to it. When I took a closer look it did resemble a large pig. At first she said it was the Easter Bunny. As I walked away I heard her say that it was hungry. Not surprisingly (if you know Little Bean) she started feeding it sand and having a chat with it.

At this point we had already been underway for 2 or 3 hours. For people who were tired of walking and dying of starvation they sure had gotten engrossed in their activities all of the sudden.

While we waited for Little Bean to finish her conversation, Big Sister started drawing with a stick in the dirt. She drew an entire town and enlisted me to guard it when other people walked by so it would not get ruined.

Meanwhile Little Bean just kept right on talking to this stump. I mentioned something to Big Sister and she said, No Mom, that’s a pig. Little Bean is the dentist. See here? She pointed to her drawing–I drew her dentist office in my town. The pig is her patient. Oh. Obviously.

I went to have a look. There stood Little Bean asking the stump if it had a tooth ache. She continued examining it, explaining that it had a broken tooth. This went on for 10 minutes and then 20. I mentioned that we needed to go and she just kept saying that she wasn’t finished yet.

After promising that we could come back tomorrow, Little Bean reluctantly left her dental tools in the grass next to her patient.

I heard Big Sister say, while scribbling her drawings into the dirt, Wow, I’d call this a wonderful day, not too cold, not too warm. I guess these kids really needed to get out of our back yard.

Until tomorrow,


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