Day 43 Improv

Like the hours after a summer storm, today was dappled with sun light, rays of warmth, an embrace. Dare I say a delight? Like a good Sunday drive, it had a sense of timing, no fast braking just a rhythm of sights, anticipation and then satisfaction. I may be exaggerating…

But seriously the hours passed quickly, without much friction (except for diaper changes and dinner–which was not a hit with the kiddos.)

I suppose days like this would get boring but because they are few and far between- they seem magical. A few times I wondered if I was asleep.

They did things together, they did things apart, sometimes the three of us, sometimes just two. They sang while they played, always taking a stand. Drawing and jumping and no one ate sand.

It was like a well-choreographed dance, which was a welcomed surprise because on the stage at our house it’s all improvisation and no rehearsal.

Improvisational dance was never my strong suite. The fact that parenting requires it however, gives me a chance to try something different each time. To get comfortable not with being perfect but instead with being perfectly willing to perform numerous variations on a theme. Now I realize that what works is more important than how it looks.

I like the experimental, scientific nature of a life lived this way. Except for the fact that my specimens are ever changing, ever growing, ever learning and there is absolutely no control group.

I think that is a bit what the scientists and statisticians are dealing with in this Corona Crisis. Here in Germany we’ve made some progress but like I said yesterday, the patience of the people to continue quarantining is wearing thin. The chances of the virus spreading are increased not only by the fact that stores are now open but because the wave of human social necessity is breaking down the flood gates. People have started secretly meeting with friends and family again. As an exception, only for this occasion, they all say. But if the exception is the rule, won’t that have an effect on the outcomes?

Until tomorrow,


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