Day 49 Always Remember

Being that today is Sunday it’s fitting that the girls slept in. If you define sleeping in as sleeping til 7am in my bed but kicking me, rolling around in circles and claiming to want to snuggle since 4am.

We spent the morning working in the garden. The girls helped. That is if helping means stealing rocks and shells from the rock garden, complaining about ants while refusing to wear goves and watering the sand box. We did watch some birds building a nest, spot a stork flying overhead and listen to the call of the Cuckoo bird.

Then it was time for lunch. Everyone was satisfied with what was being served if satisfied is defined as fiercely rejecting all the food with tears before saying yes to each individual item and then eating everything on the plate. There is a very short list of things that don’t elicit this response. It is in full: avocado, broccoli and peanut butter and jelly. So I guess it could be worse.

After nap time we planned to ride bikes to the deep, dark woods. The deep dark woods is a line from the Gruffalo books. We visit a tiny patch of wood not far from here and they search for all the animals featured in the stories.

Everyone was excited to go, if excited means that one person threw themselves on the floor because they didn’t want to go outside and the other sulky person was still sour about not getting to do the part of the puzzle that she wanted to do.

But once we were on our, way spirits were up. I was reminded why fresh air is the remedy for almost everything. We explored the deep dark woods and found squirrels and monkeys (not really but I was totally smitten with their imaginative musings.) We made wishes on dandelions and then when Little Bean said Daddy will you hold my hand? My heart melted.

We arrived home a little late and so we put together a quick dinner of bratwurst , broccoli and home made french fries. This is not a cooking blog but I will say this: Fry your own fries at home in a frying pan. It will make you into such a happy person. Cut the potatoes without removing the skins. Submerge them in peanut oil or something else that is ok at high temperatures. If you’re really feeling exotic use sweet potato instead of regular. Sprinkle with salt and serve. Believe it or not it only takes about 30 minutes. They are so delicious that they don’t even require a dip! The potatoes soak up so little of the oil as they fry that you could even say it’s healthy. (Check out the recipe on Smitten Kitchen.)

My heart melted again as they sang along to our bedtime song. Of course my heart went back to normal when 30 minutes later giggles and the pitter patter of little feet could still be heard.

When I think back over this day I’m sure that almost everything in life is about how you define it, about how you remember it.

If this 49 days has done anything it has shown me that what other people do and say defines them. It tells us something about their outlook on life, about their circumstances. It doesn’t indicate anything about us. When we let that be true, when we step back and really believe it, then we are making room in our lives for laughter, satisfaction and fulfillment. In the meantime I am truly grateful for these little snuggle-bug maniacs.

Until tomorrow,

Yes you are pure as gold, yes you are beautiful. So always remember to never forget.– Song by Christy Nockles


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