Day 57: Dinner plans?

I took a look back at the very first post in this series. Did you know that it started out as a 35 day challenge? In that first post I believed that we would count down the days and then pre-school would re-open.

Now 9 weeks in, it’s funny to imagine myself worried about my ability to manage a 5 week quarantine.

On a more serious note, it’s a bit alarming how quickly our perspectives can change. How abnormal can seem normal, the difference between naive and worldly wise. Things we’ve come to rely on can disappear in an instant. This is always true, but Life in the Time of Corona has really brought that point home.

After 57 days, the restrictions in Bavaria have been loosened somewhat but for the most part we remain in relative quarantine.

-Pre-school is still closed.

-Restaurants are closed and beer gardens too.

-We are able to meet with Oma now. She visits us about once a week. It turns out that once a week is actually an acceptable interval in which to meet with your mother-in-law. I mean at the start of the quarantine we weren’t able to meet for 5 weeks and that was also good. But in the spirit of family and loveliness I’ll stick with saying that once a week is a fine compromise.

Playgrounds are open and we’ve met with a friend or two for a walk, so we don’t feel locked in. But still there is no running to the store to pick-up something in the middle of the day with the two little maniacs in tow. Grocery shopping is now a one person, one cart, one mask activity. Perhaps leaving kids in the car while parents run into the store will come back into style after 30 years of being outlawed.

Since that seems unlikely, I’m feeling the pressure to do a little meal planning. One of my secret goals for this quarantine challenge was to get into meal planning on a monthly basis. But here we are 9 weeks in and I still plan meals daily. This keeps things interesting and stimulates creativity (when you look at the bright side). But when you look at the realistic side, it just causes unnecessary stress. I end up spending the whole day reminding myself to stop forgetting to figure out what we’re eating for dinner.

It’s like homework hanging over your head on a Sunday night. I tend to finally settle on something only to realize that I’m missing just one key ingredient. Today for example we had white chicken chili except that I didn’t have any chilis so it was a bit bland…

I did have some success at the start of the quarantine with at least planning a week in advance. But for the last few weeks I’ve been scrambling.

Why have I fallen off the meal-planning-wagon? I do not know go ask your dragon. Sorry I just can’t stop with the Dr. Suess jokes.

Until tomorrow (send me some kid friendly recipes if you’ve got ’em!)


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