Day 64: Filet Mignon, please

It was a gorgeous walk in the woods this morning. Secretly I was looking for a patch of Lily of the Valley I found about a week ago. I really want some for my shade garden. Is it wrong to dig up a few little plants from the woods and plant them at home? I mostly feel like it isn’t wrong necessarily, it’s just a shame. If I dig them up they aren’t in the woods to admire any longer. Everyone deserves to be delighted by stumbling upon a whole patch of lily of the valley.

In spite of my conviction about not taking any, I went looking for the patch this morning. Dead set on not digging any up, I didn’t take a spade or a bag or any tools with me. It took me a while to find the patch and on the way I saw an enormous wild hare. This was not a bunny. It was a rabbit as big as a dog. It reminded me of a baby antelope bounding through the brush.

Anyway, I finally found the lily of the valley. I stopped to admire it and kept walking but then I turned around and went back. It’s really almost like a wild weed, I said to myself. Eyeing a stick nearby, I dug at it a little to see how difficult it would be to just dig one up. It wasn’t happening and I told myself to walk on and stay focused. Leave it in the forest for the other people, I thought. It was a little harder to let it go and walk away empty-handed than it should’ve been.

And I know why. I come by it naturally. Thievery I mean. My grandma is in no sense of the word a professional thief but she has had her share of rationalized episodes of taking things that don’t belong to her.

It started (to my knowledge) with the leaves of plants that easily propagate themselves- things like African Violet and various sedums. Just accidentally on purpose tearing a leaf from one of these plants in a shop as opposed to buying the plant.

Over many years it escalated. Her best “heist” was when she got two poodles for the price of one by paying for one, coming back to the breeder (when she knew he wasn’t around) and taking the other but leaving a note so that no one would worry about what had happened to the poor thing. I think the breeder was so sick of haggling with her that he just let it go. She has some kind of ridiculous cover story she sticks to but everyone knows the truth.

I think it might be hereditary. My mother (her daughter) is actually the one who put the idea in my head to dig up the Lily of the Valley in the first place. See? Hereditary.

Anyway, after my brush with crime this morning, the rest of the day was ok.

It was the first morning I spent alone with Little Bean because Big Sister was visiting Oma. It’s fascinating to see the differences in how they play together and then apart. It was odd for it to be so quiet and to have time to focus on just one kid.

Slowly we are being unlocked from quarantine. The freedoms are appearing one by one. And that means that slowly the stories of quarantine are turning into stories of two tired trouble-makers on a summer day.

For example: Tonight after taking what felt like an hour to leave the play ground and ride/walk home, we grilled cheeseburgers. We even made special tiny-sized ones for our pint-sized ladies. Far more interested in the side-dishes, the dinner table was silent except for the sounds of corn on the cob crunching. It’s entertaining to watch a child bite into a corn cob as big as her face but it’s also a satisfying thing to hear everyone happily eating.

Then came the requests for more french fries. Like typical parents we said, Eat some of the cheeseburger first. Little Bean whined, I don’t like burger. It’s fleisch! (German for meat) I explained that plenty of other things she likes to eat are also fleisch. Oh! she said, momentarily distracted, getting to work on a bite of the burger. When she began complaining again about not liking Fleisch, Thorsten ate a piece of her burger. She promptly began crying because he had taken a piece of her meat. She wanted more burger she said. Instead she began dipping her green beans in the ketchup like french fries, and never ate another bite of the burger at all. Meanwhile, Big Sister announced that she’s bored with bratwurst and doesn’t like any meat other than filet mignon. Oh?! Nice to know. Spoiled much?

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us,

Until then,


One thought on “Day 64: Filet Mignon, please

  1. Ha ha, Laurie, Lily of the Valley in the woods spread like wild fire. One plant from there wouldn’t ruin it for the next walker. You are so funny.


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