Day 72: Perfection

The sun reappeared today. In fits and starts it soaked us with its warmth, illuminating all the goodness and kindness that were hidden behind the moody clouds of recent days. With its tempest spent, the wind was gone, finally banished. In its place, a hush of contentment, the warm embrace of peace.

Let’s get serious, I mean there was a second or two when this description might have fit what was happening around here today. That being said, What if when you take stock of your day, you limit yourself to only thinking of those special one or two seconds and then go to bed feeling like it was a really good day?

What it takes is noting these magic moments as soon as they come. Because if your life is anything like mine, they escape you just as quickly as they appear.

I’ll give you some examples from today so that you get the idea of what I mean and tomorrow you can keep track of yours:

  • After complaining that second breakfast wasn’t ready yet before I had even started making it, and then continually whining until it was ready, the three of us sat outside in the sunshine and actually enjoyed eating it. Really, if you look hard you can (almost) always find a bite or two during a meal with small children that fits the description detailed above.
  • After we finished eating, I leaned onto the lounge where I was sitting (the one the girls destroyed by using it like a trampoline/hide-out.) Right away, Big Sister came to snuggle and then as Little Bean made her way over I enjoyed a few seconds of anticipation about snuggling them both. BUT, it never happened because Little Bean actually didn’t want to snuggle. She wanted me to move so that she could jump and when I didn’t move, she lost her cool about it right away.
  • This afternoon at the playground there were probably minutes (as opposed to seconds) when both girls weren’t just occupied but were enchanted with the sensation of sliding or swinging and exploring a new place. That we had friends there was the ultimate bonus.
  • While preparing dinner, I picked the perfect moment to peek into the dining room. There they sat, intensely focused on their water color painting, the sun lighting up the table at just the right angle, so that they appeared as little angels. It was a beautiful view until I noticed that Little Bean’s hands were covered in black paint. Luckily, able to chase her down before she touched anything, we washed off the black paint revealing the fact that she had first colored her entire hand black with magic marker before painting over it. Neat!
  • At bedtime there was a lot of screaming for no reason… But there were stories and songs and snuggles too. Little Bean’s game is to say, Just a little more, right when you’re about to stop hugging her. Who can resist that??? She’s a clever one.

Tonight it’s dawning on me that these are life’s perfect moments. They are the moments. This day was great. Maybe I am the only person who is guilty of evaluating the day from a perspective of perfectionism. Thinking that one day we’ll really get it right. We’ll have all the golden luminosity and none of the drama. But that thinking is all wrong and we miss out on so many moments when we get caught up in it. The drama doesn’t matter. It’s life. It’s like the chaff from the wheat. In the end it gets discarded. But the wheat still has the chaff. It is the husk that protects the seed from the elements while it grows. It’s not needed after processing but it’s certainly needed during growth and development.

So, take note of those golden seconds that appear in your day. And only allow yourself to evaluate your day based on them. If you made some mistakes, learn from them. Keep the good. Discard the rest.

Until tomorrow,


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