Day 87: Zoom way out

On day 85 I talked about fog. When you find yourself in a thick fog, it’s best to take note of the details right in front of you. To take one step after another without looking so far ahead that the blinding fog causes you to panic.

However, when you’re not experiencing foggy weather, a wide lens can be very helpful. In saying so I mean: It is only when we zoom way out that we really see the shape of things.

Think of those track my run apps. When you look at your path from a bird’s eye view, you realize that what you thought was a forest is just a large stand of trees.

For a certain amount of time I believed that life’s path was a straight line with lots of stops on the way, and detours that made leaf shapes. Like a flower’s stem.

Then other times it felt like a circle. Over and over again the same things.

After that random seemingly disconnected circles with paths connecting them in a formation I could never make out.

Later I envisioned a circle but with leaf shaped outcroppings of events and people, places and experiences.

Now if I looked at life from a bird’s eye view I think it would resemble a spiral. Growing in depth and breadth as we age, as the spiral becomes wider, it becomes looser. Those leaf-shaped excursions mingle with the path and the longer we live the more of the world we touch because of the way a spiral grows. Think of those ripples in the water caused by a stone. But we are sending wrinkles through time and space with our every move.

I’ve long wondered if each individual person is a brushstroke on a colorful work of art and we just can’t get far enough away to see the whole thing.

More recently, I’ve begun to wonder if planet Earth is just one vibrating atom in a sea of planets and that if we could get far enough away we could see a design in the tapestry we are all an integral part of.

Whatever truth lies in this imagery, it gives me hope. It points to the idea that we all have value, that we are all actually quite powerful.

My answer to life’s daily challenges and to what is happening in the world right now is to zoom way out. Then you’ll know if anything really needs to be said. Zoom way out and see if maybe your path isn’t as random as you thought. Zoom way out when you feel panic until it is quieted by the distance.

From that distance we can listen hard to what rings true. Not the thing that gets your adrenaline going and your blood pumping. Not that. Listen for the thing that sounds like a warm, low rumble of thunder. The thing that smells like the air after a rain. Make a note of the thought in your head when you feel your self breath deeply and exhale.

Until tomorrow,


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