Day 96: The end is near

Today was a bit of a disaster. First, while doing a quick run to drop off one of our cars at the mechanic, Little Bean puked all over herself in the other car. I mean it was a doozie. Apparently she gets motion sickness now.

Weirdly, what I am thankful for is that we were not on our way to preschool, where under the Corona Rules, parents are not allowed in the building. When they go back, we will have to drop them at the door. If that had been today, we would’ve had to drop her off full of barf.

Then later this afternoon she stuck her hands in her diaper and pulled them out to show me what was inside. Lovely. Maybe I am looking forward to that preschool drop-off more than I thought.

Yesterday I had a conversation with Big Sister that went like this:

Her: Mom are there really real aliens?

Me: I don’t know. Nobody really knows.

Her: Except God?

Me: Well yes, God probably knows.

Her: Well can’t we ask him? Can’t he just tell us?

Me: Well that would be nice.

Her: Can’t we just call him? We should just call him. But you don’t know his number, right? That’s the problem.

This last question about knowing the number, she kind of half asked me, half answered herself. Then satisfied with her own answer she turned to go and starting singing:

That’s the problem, that’s the problem. You don’t know his number. That’s the problem, that’s the problem, you don’t know his number…

I was kind of at a loss. Should I have asked her why she thinks God is a he? Should I have made some speech about prayer and God’s phone number? Nah.

Since then though, she’s been on a question binge. My ears are ringing and I’m so exhausted from all the Where is this and Why is that? And did you do this? When are we going here? How long is this? All. Day.

I guess it’s ok to say that after all this time together and fully embracing the feeling of wanting to stop time and snuggle up with them forever and ever– I’m ok with them going back to preschool. Let the preschool teachers field some of these incessant questions and change some of these diapers.

This week was my first trip to a hair salon since Corona hit us. It wasn’t as devastating as one might think. Wearing a mask the whole time wasn’t so bad. I do miss seeing people’s mouths though.

The girls spent the morning with Oma, who seemed absolutely overwhelmed when I arrive to pick them up. She didn’t complain but I have never seen her so ready to get rid of us. I think she’s ready for them to go back to pre-school too.

Until tomorrow,


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