Day 99: The Last Day

This afternoon we arrived in Kärnten, Austria. Thanks to the gorgeous scenery, sticker books. magnetic puzzles and a snack or two, the 6 hour drive was surprisingly pleasant. I had a video prepared and little head phones for both the girls but I’m super shocked to report that we didn’t need them.

Driving South through Germany is always pretty rewarding. As you near the Alps the landscape gets more compelling and then tunnel after tunnel through the mountains, the sun seems to shine brighter and brighter.

They say the air up here makes people tired and that as a result they sleep deeper and longer. This has never been our experience with these little maniacs. The thinner air seems to energize them and bedtime is always later and comes with more of a fight. We’ve wisened up some since the last time–so while they are sleeping in the same room as usual, they now go to bed at different times so that their nutty antics cannot prevent the other one from falling asleep. We’ll see how it goes.

Since the start of the quarantine, one thing has become abundantly clear–we’ve got to take care of ourselves before we can effectively take care of others.

Often you’ve got to be your own hero and rescue yourself when you need rescuing. It will change your view of what you’re capable of and make you think twice before you give up your power to someone else. In as many situations as you can muster, buy yourself that gift you’ve been hankering for. Don’t wait.

I’m sure now that if we want to achieve anything in this world, we’ve got to first believe in ourselves and be kind to ourselves. When we are filled up we have such an abundance to offer everyone else.

Pre-flight instructions seem to be especially relevant here–If you are traveling with a child or someone who needs assistance, please secure your own mask first and then assist the other person.

It may seem counterintuitive but this is wisdom for the ages. In almost every situation you are going to be better equipped to assist others if your needs are already accounted for.

This means your marriage, your mother-in-law, your job, your parents and your children. The difference in my level of patience and focus on the days when I’ve taken a few minutes to get my head together is palpable.

It looks like we will be Living in the time of Corona for quite a bit longer. Nevertheless, the girls will go back to preschool in a few weeks and we’ll start reconstructing our everyday rhythm all over again. There will be plenty more stories to share but after 99 days we are out of Bavaria and officially come to end of our quarantine.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey. Please, please if you’ve enjoyed these stories leave a note and feel free to share a story of your own.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay woke, stay kind


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