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Being an American, Becoming a Franconian is a chronicle of the adventures and observations of an American ballerina and ballet instructor, turned horticulturist, turned wife and new mama, making a life in Franconia. (Northern Bavaria, Germany) Through all the changes, one thing has been consistent: writing. Since I was a child, writing has allowed me a creative outlet for processing my experiences. My first blog was called Chico’s DC Adventure and was written from my very angry chihuahua’s point of view. This was a great way for me to process dealing with the disaster of having adopted and fallen in love with such a troubled little guy. When I added horticulture to my bag of tricks, I started a new blog entitled,  Being a Ballerina, Becoming a Gardener. More recently have been published in scientific journals and gardening magazines but LauriesFranconia is my latest project.

So, here you’ll find me, exploring the food, the gardens, and the cities of Germany. I’m embracing the culture, learning German, growing a family, and figuring out how to stay myself and grow into someone new at the same time. I hope you’ll enjoy this adventure as much as I’m enjoying writing about it. Thanks for stopping by. To receive the posts in your inbox, sign up to follow the blog. Feel free to leave join the conversation by leaving a comment or a question.




Map of Germany highlighting Franconia's geographic location

Map of Germany with Franconia’s geographic location. Map borrowed from senegorwine.blogspot.de

All photographs are taken by Lauriesfranconia unless otherwise noted.  All written content and photographs are property of the author. If you wish to share, use or repost any content, I only ask that you give credit and create a link back to Lauriesfranconia.


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  1. Laurie,
    Congrats on you wedding! I don’t know if you remember me. You taught my daughter Emily at TWSB-I’m the quilting mom:) I saw from your blog that you were now married and moved to Germany. I had been following your adventures in grad school periodically. I am so excited and pleased for you. We lived in Germany for 5 years, 1992-97, but in the Rheinland-Pfalz area and one year in Berlin. Emily was born there. We loved Germany so much and traveled as much as we could while there. We particularly loved Bavaria. Emily is now a sophomore in college majoring in dance at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi. She is also taking the pre-reqs for Physical Therapy school and hopes to eventually be a PT for dancers. Have you had a chance to check out any German Quilt shops? I learned hand piecing from a German quilter in Berlin and paper-piecing from another in Rheinland Pfalz:) I belonged to the Rheinland-Pfalz District Quilt Guild. Our family went to Quilt Expo V in Lyon, France. It was fantastic. So I know there are German quilters out there:)

    Well congrats again!!! I wish you a wonderful and blessed life!

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    • Hello Mary! Thank you so much for writing to me. Yes I remember you. I finally finished two more quilts at the very end of graduate school, one for my parents (that pattern for which I bought from Keepsake quilting and one for my sister called Yellow Brick Road I now want to make us a wedding quilt but I haven’t decided exactly which style. I haven’t had a chance to venture to the quilting shop in our town yet but I did find one. I have heard that fabric is very expensive here, so I might purchase it when I’m back in the states for a visit. Please send Emily my love and congratulations on her great choices and success! Also, please keep in touch.
      lots of love


  2. Hello Laurie!

    My best friend and I have been planning an adventure in Europe since February. I spent a semester living in rural Gaming, Austria during my university years, five years ago now, and fell in love with the Germanic culture; however, my friend Brian didn’t get a chance to study abroad. This is our chance to break away from our responsible lives to be backpackers, living off of providence for a little over two weeks. Brian stumbled across your blog after becoming interested in the beer kellers of Forcheim and he passed it on to me. First off, very beautiful blog. I loved one of your most recent posts about the coming of autumn. The idea of getting a full taste of one season and being ready for the next is something I have appreciated this year as well. I am from Vermont where the seasons and landscape remind me a lot of Austria and Bavaria.

    To the point though. Brian and I are going to be training into Forcheim from Copenhagen, arriving Saturday the 14th and spending two days there. I was wondering if you would have any recommendations or advice for some fellow Americans looking to get a good taste of this beautiful area? You wrote that there are some beer kellers open through the cold months, do you have a favorite? Are there any hostels or places you would recommend staying? Perhaps you would even like to meet up for a stein to practice your English. We are very excited to explore Forcheim and it is very nice to learn a bit about it from your blog. Thank you!

    Warm regards,

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  3. Hello Evan! Thank you for your wonderful message. Yes! I highly recommend the Glocken Keller. It is my favorite for lots of reasons: it’s warm and cozy and the Franconian food is really good. It is in the Forchheim Keller Wald and is open all year round. The inside part is small though and so it’s not always easy to get a table. If you want to go in the evening I recommend going earlier around 5 or so. It opens around 11am every day ( except monday or tuesday ( I forget which one) So you could probably go there for lunch too. There are one or two other kellers in the Keller wald that are also open in the winter months, I can’t remember their names but you can explore and find them very easily. I don’t have any good recommendations for hostels, although there is one associated with a church nearby called Don Bosco http://www.donbosco-forchheim.de/ It’s very likely that we could meet up, please email me at lauriesfranconia@gmail.com



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