Cold Season Soup

‘Tis the season, they say, for colds and the flu. It certainly seems like it because while the east coast of the USA is getting hammered with snow, we are just getting cold drizzle here in Franconia. Great weather for getting a cold.

So far this season, we’ve been lucky. None of us has come down with anything major.  But here have been a few days of runny noses. As soon as I see any signs of a cold, I whip out my Chicken and Ginger Soup with stars recipe. The secret ingredients are whole cloves of garlic and large pieces of ginger root.  In my experience, everyone who eats it feels better the next day. 

Anyway, below is the recipe for the Ginger Chicken Soup. Just a few tips: The amounts are based on a medium sized pot of soup (yielding probably 5 or 6 large bowlfulls) and you can really use any chicken that you have around your house or in your freezer. Chicken on the bone is the best because there is so much goodness in the bones. This time when I made it I used a mixed of dark meat on the bone and boneless, skinless white meat because that is what I had. If you are making it for yourself because you aren’t feeling well, you don’t really want to have to run to the store to find specific ingredients.

Hope this soup shortens cold season at your house.  If so please leave a comment and let me know how it turns out.  Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 14.57.20.png

This is my personal recipe.  If you’d like to use it for your blog or repost it, please credit Laurie’s Franconia.