Day 15: It’s getting normal

Today in an unprecedented turn of events–Big Sis invited Little Bean to play in her room. This is extraordinary. Not only that, they played for nearly an hour without any drama at all. Who are these people? I had time to eat breakfast, drink my coffee and read a book in relative silence. It was weird. It was amazing.

The day went on in this hazy, dreamy way. Laughing voices filling the air, puzzles, games, drawing, sorting and organizing, a lot of playing doctor to their baby dolls AND the thing that I think was key–taking the mattress off the bed, putting it on the floor and finally letting them do gymnastics on it.

Don’t be concerned–we had our share of mischief and destruction–A broken ceramic plate from their tea set (but seriously who gives a kid like mine a ceramic tea set anyway?) –Another fat lip from falling off her bike (yes the one that she claims not to like due to its lack of pedals.)

But I talked to a friend this afternoon and when I mentioned the miraculous way they had played together. She said, See they are getting used to it. It’s getting normal. And it is.

As scary and as tragic as this virus is, it has provided one thing that I have long sought–Routine. So simple, yet so illusive this is the first time in six years that we’ve achieved daily consistency. This simplified, slowed down framework for daily life is allowing us to thrive.

As we move forward in these uncertain times, it is my hope that we can build on the good and be part of a movement of healing that will surely be needed when the dust settles.

Until tomorrow, stay healthy, stay home