Delicious Episode 1: Homemade Ice cream

Ice cream is dessert obviously, but once you get into it there is a flow to the actual making of it. There is an energy, a buzz. Ice cream has become an activity. It’s become entertainment, conversations, connection and a memory captured in the flavor. … More Delicious Episode 1: Homemade Ice cream

My Social Dilemma

Dear friends, It’s been a while, I know. A month ago I watched the Netflix doc “The Social Dilemma” and then deleted all the social media apps from my phone. They cast the actor who played Pete on Mad Men in the role of social media’s evil algorithm. I know it was a good casting … More My Social Dilemma

6 years

I was more than ready to go home and by home I didn’t mean the apartment we walked back to that night. We tried to talk about it right away, but we couldn’t make sense of anything and so even though neither of us were really mad at the other–we had our first fight. … More 6 years

An Island

Even our interactions with strangers mold us. Everyone we come in contact with takes part in the softening or hardening our edges. In shifts, sometimes tiny and sometimes seismic, they help to draw the paths of our journeys. … More An Island


Every challenge’s end deserves a little pause, a punctuation mark or some applause. I’m not in a rush to get through these sequences but I can breath deeper, lightened by the fact that for now there are fewer burdens to manage. … More Milestones