Pandemic Day 224

Somedays are just good days. I feel like I need to keep a record of those days to counteract the not so good ones.

The funny thing is that there was still plenty of whining and testing the limits—someone got sent to their room, someone definitely lost tv privileges, but in spite of those moments, forts were built and there were peals of laughter ringing through the house. Today I realized Little Bean is tall enough to hang up her own jacket and she correctly identified a Maple leaf! We all walked to a new playground, we “played” soccer on a mini field and then “I spy” on the way home. We skyped while eating French toast with bacon. We had a dinner time tastetest of three different types of Bratwurst (Fränkischer, Thüringer and Bärlauch.) I liked the one from Thüringen the best, obviously I’m not a “real” Franconian. We even got through bath time with relatively little drama. Today was nothing special but somehow it was.

Sometimes you realize that it could all change in the blink of an eye. In this bizarre year, tomorrow always brings something unexpected and it makes you just want to savor every tiny joy.

Until tomorrow,