Going back to where it all began…

As bloggers we don’t often talk about how our stories began. Blogs are usually stories that start with right now.

Recently I got a chance to write an article for a webpage called She Knows. Being that it’s February, they made a call for unusual love stories and I submitted ours. I feel honored that they published it.

It is an unlikely story that certainly surprised me when it happened. I was a confirmed single lady. I was independent and driven. Although I always liked the sound of doing something for love, actually making a decision based on a relationship with another person never seemed to fit into my life and certainly didn’t seem practical or safe.

Focusing on my career and pursuing my passions always made more sense to me. To this day I still think it is important to remember that you are the most important character in your story. The person who maybe just around the corner is not. It is not the person who comes into your life, who will change everything for you, you will change everything for you. 

This love story is really about two people who took chances, who believed in becoming the best versions of themselves. It’s possible that it is also about coincidence and fate, the stars and the heavens and things that are beyond our grasp. Either way, when we are planning our lives and looking to be fulfilled, I believe it’s important to fulfill our own expectations to make our own dreams come true. Let romance be an extra. Let it be the icing on the cake.

You can read our whole story here. Please feel free to share it.



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