4 Seasons of color

In the year or so that it took to capture these four shots, we weathered multiple lock downs. We finished with diapers, and someone lost a tooth. We looked for ways to love each other better. To be slower to anger and quicker to laugh. We made ice cream (a lot).

We learned to listen to the rhythm of the earth. To breath deeper. The drumming of our feet on the ground with this tree as melody and then as back beat.

Spring was full of unknowns— a going inside just as the buds were bursting forth.

Then summer, quiet and hopeful, magic with the recognition of the present.

Fall was majestic in its hues and we needed the its warmth more than usual.

Winter was quiet, but cozy. With snow on 1st of December, the silent Christmas markets echoed in the streets. But the season was joyous and we made our own merry.

Then in the saddest weeks of January, the most beautiful winter of my life covered the earth with blankets of comforting snow. The sparkling flakes a balm for the ache and the shock of loss.

This year spring came again. As it does. Reminder of miracles that it is. But it took its time. As if it didn’t want to intrude, it didn’t come before we were ready. It was the coldest spring I can remember but the flowers seemed to love it. Abundant blooms with fragrant cascades, bird’s nests full of eggs whispering, “nothing real ever goes away.”


6 thoughts on “4 Seasons of color

  1. Laurie,

    I had to write you ‘cause I really love your tree in the field showing each of the four seasons in their full glory! Just brilliant and very creative. Great job!

    Sure, I’m biased towards plants, and I seen lots of your photos of plants, people, food, etc. Yet, this is in a special class.

    I would encourage you to preserve these four images. I don’t know, maybe print them together and put them in a frame?

    I’ve seen similar four season images, but the singular tree, the slight slope in the beautiful field, the trees in the background, the sky…it’s all a wonderful composition!

    My congratulations!

    Currently, I’m emersed in watching the Olympics. I have never had any interest in any competitive sport (football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.) But, since high school, I’ve always enjoyed both the winter and summer games. Every two years, for two weeks, I watch as much as I can – I love all the events. Most of all, the world-class, international, friendly, competition between 200+ countries is utterly unique and therefore, special.

    Its soo important to me, when I proposed marriage to Holly, I had only one condition – every two years, I will sit in front of the TV for two weeks to watch the Olympics. I won’t watch any other sports. As you might imagine, it wasn’t a deal breaker…

    Speaking of photography, I just finished taking private (one on one) photography lessons. The professional photographer came to our house. Really insightful, fun and helpful.

    To explain, Phase 1 of writing a second edition was writing the 24 page checklist to identify the various cultivars and determining their status (valid, invalid, or synonym). Phase 2 is photography. I want to take better photos of the boxwood for both my books. Then, Phase 3 is the actual writing.



  2. This is absolutely beautiful Laurie. Your sentiments are so well described. You have my curiosity though – what was the loss?


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