Maybe I’m a PUMA person

A few months ago I wrote about the Dassler brothers and the companies that they built, namely adidas and PUMA. At that time we visited the famed town of Herzoganaurach to see both places. As I mentioned before, people in this region feel very strongly about one company or another. I am pretty much expected to be an adidas person. This is because we root for Bayern-Munich, and they are an adidas team. Our arch nemesis, FC Borussia Dortmund (BVB) is a PUMA club, so you can see the conflict of interest. That is not the only reason I should be an adidas person but it is the main one I guess.

However, as a new member of Franconian society, I wanted a chance to decide for myself–adidas or PUMA? Unfortunately the day we visited a few months back, we were too late to visit the PUMA shop and were only able to visit the adidas shop. So, while I came home that day with two pairs of adidas sneakers, I did not come home with anything to compare them to.

The other day I had a reason to go to PUMA and a chance to finally go to the shop. I can’t help but comment about the fact that the shop was totally organized and clean. It was easy to find everything without asking any questions. PUMA seems to be not only a sport brand but also a lifestyle brand. As a result many of their clothing items and shoes, while still sporty are also a bit more stylish than the ones I had seen at the adidas shop. Most importantly when I tried them on they were comfortable too.

On my visit to PUMA I learned that they have just created a relationship with New York City Ballet and are now outfitting ballerinas. If I’m being totally honest and not taking anyone else’s opinion into consideration, I think I might be a PUMA person. While I could make a list of good reasons, it’s likely that they had me as soon as I heard New York City Ballet.


So these are my new PUMAs. I think they look a tad sporty compared to my normal style– a little like I’m about to go play baseball–But they are also cute, super comfortable and lightweight and I can totally dance around in them when I feel like it. So there you have it.

IMG_2409 (1).jpg



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