Day 11 Zen?

Today the girls were hiding under the coffee table. Probably because the little one had a poopy diaper and didn’t want to come out to have it changed. (Why do kids do this/feel this way? I do not know…)

I stretched out on the couch next to the table where they were playing. Bathed in the sunlight, listening to their voices, I experienced the most bizarre moment of calm. I didn’t wish I was somewhere else. I didn’t wish it was quiet. I didn’t wish they weren’t there so that I could be more productive. No–actually the fullness of the moment radiated from their very presence. (I’m sure the fact that I was lying in the sun didn’t hurt either.) In that moment, I understood (maybe for the first time) what I’m doing here. I’m here to be with them. To make them feel seen and listened to and loved. This energized calm only lasted a few seconds, but it was as peaceful as I have felt in –well I don’t know how long.

More and more I see that joy reveals itself inside a framework of moments that won’t last forever. The fact that time is limited is often what makes it powerful.

A minute later they came out from under the table and climbed on top of me so that we could read Dr. Suess’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. It was hands down the best 10 minutes of the day. But I wonder if I’ll remember it as one of the significant moments of the year.

Today’s funny bit came relatively early when at 10 o’clock in the morning they started asking me about crafty time and what I had planned. When I tried to distract them and said I didn’t have any specific ideas yet, they started listing things we could make–A princess, a bird, a horse, they said, There are some ideas, Mom. Thanks guys.

Obviously still working on breaking them of their craft addiction.

Until tomorrow,


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