Day 25: Toots

Rumor has it that our 35 day quarantine will be extended. Nothing official yet, it’s just everyone’s feeling.

I have to admit, I think the quarantine must really be getting to me because I nearly cried today imagining how boring cleaning will be when the girls go back to pre-school. Then I felt this overwhelming desire to keep them home all summer. #sendhelp

I have actually come to enjoy the challenge of trying to squeeze in a load of laundry or another round of vacuuming between our activities. Weird I know, but lately I have much more motivation for cleaning, which is usually the bane of my existence.

First: It’s really messy. If I don’t vacuum certain areas at least twice a day, it gets out of control. Second: Cleaning is way less boring when I’m rushing and hoping the girls don’t get into some kind of life threatening trouble. It feels a lot like I’m participating in a gameshow obstacle course race.

Nearly crying at the idea of them going back to school happened this morning around 10am. At that time of day I’m full of endorphins, big ideas and caffeine. I’ve been listening to books about Genghis Kahn on my morning walks and as a result feel like I can conquer the world. By the time I write this blog in the evening, instead of a conqueror, I’ve been conquered. I am so tired that I’ve lost the motivation even to drink alcohol and it’s all I can do to remember to brush my teeth and close the sandbox so that the neighborhood cats don’t use it as a litter box.

Speaking of –I don’t want to embarrass her in her future life–but Little Bean eats sand. I ask her if she likes it and she says No. But the other day I caught her putting it in her mouth and she told me to go back away. The past few days, she has literally had diapers full of sand. Ew. Sorry. But imagine being our neighbor and hearing Big Sister yell at Little Bean, Do you want to have diapers full of sand? Or worse, diarrhea?? Luckily she yells in English. Maybe the neighbors don’t understand it. One can hope.

Another special conversation took place today in the kitchen between Big Sister and I. She asked why I never seem to toot and why she is tooting the whole day long. (Tooting: a synonym for farting or passing gas) Obviously, I said it’s because ladies don’t do things like pass gas. But no really, we discussed it and then she then claimed that she can make her toots silent but only when she’s sleeping.

The thing with kids is that they are kind of gross. One minute they are picking flowers so idyllically and the next they are stomping through the dirt in their socks. Picking their noses and then sticking their fingers in their drinking water. Tonight at bedtime Little Bean couldn’t keep her finger out of her nose. When I asked her about it she reported that there weren’t any boogies in there. Well great! Thanks for checking.

Tonight before dinner we ran through the little bit of woods that are near our house. I highly recommend this activity. The light is different, the air is cooler. It’s kind of freeing. In the woods you can hunt for something or collect something else, or even pretend you’re part of a story. Whether you have kids or not–if there are woods near you– run to them. Whatever your quarantine circumstances, I think the woods will help.

Come to think of it, I did my master’s research on the benefits of old trees. Unfortunately those details are hiding in the far corners of my brain while I solve modern-day problems like Where is my sock? No matter, the forest, like the ocean, is a balm for many things.

Until tomorrow,


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